Kursbuch 1962
Publisher: Deutsche Bundesbahn
May 1962. 783 pages. 2 pullout maps.
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Added: 26-May-2011
DB (the German Federal Railway) produced this substantial timetable to cover the northern half of the former West Germany. The timetable has clear sections for International, long-distance and medium-distance services across the whole country, and then regional sections covering the myriad of local and branch services.German railways are now extensively electrified but, at the time, there were almost no electric services in the north of the country. Diesel rail-buses were widely used on local services but steam was slow to be replaced (surviving to 1975).
Kursbuch June 1944
Publisher: Deutsche Reichbahn
June 1944. pages. maps.
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This fascinating timetable from Summer 1944 shows the results of Germany being fought on at least three land fronts - the east, France and Italy. The Deutsche Reichbahn publishes this timetable to north-western Germany during a period of great uncertainty and diminishing land borders. German-occupied territory is treated as "international" but services are increasingly sparse. Only an handful of trains now link Germany to Paris, and Italian services are shown as "New timetable not received".
Kursbuch Winter 1990/91
Publisher: Deutsche Reichsbahn (East Germany)
Winter 1990/91. 352 pages. 0 maps.
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The East German (DDR) timetable in operation when the two Germanies were formally re-united (3rd October 1990). The Berlin Wall had fallen in November the previous year and Karl-Marx-Stadt had reverted to Chemnitz, but cross-border services are minimal and the timetable still carries an advertisement for Soviet Railways.The railway administrations of East Germany (Deutsche Reichbahn) and West Germany (Deutsche Bundesbahn) remained separate until 1994.